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Why does the philosophy Intequinism have a unique value? It promotes the ideas Truth and Love above all, against idolatry/messianism, whilst opposing the conviction, only "God is" honest, which causes Caiaphas Syndrome and corruption. The idea Truth causes creativity and the idea Love allows creativity and change. Nietzsche wrote the weak singular "God is dead". It is true. God are all living honest loving people plus Logos. Intequinism, explains logically/scientifically why groups can live sustainably if the Ideas Truth and Love are implemented. Some think it is enough if only "One" (The-honest) respect the ideas and "He" (They) are sacrificed, with utilitarian conviction, for "the group", whilst "His" ideas are imparted and developed. Many have conviction that pragmatism (deceit, corruption and eventual violence) is more powerful than honest loving methodology. They become dependent on other individuals' "intelligence", causing illogical reasoning. Their conviction in maximum-profit-per-individual makes convicts and vagrants of others and cause wars/revolutions.

The Labour Theory of capital is Old Testament methodology. Intequinism is new-capitalist philosophy and inspired new development methodology on Ipparts Exchange (IPPAEX), a new cryptocurrency exchange, in development.

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Copy of the first file, in which the word intequity was used on 7 October 2009. Soon after the word formed, the same file or another similar file was uploaded to the Internet on the Africahead website. After 7 October 2009 the word intequity was/is being used by unknown others for business names. The file explains how the phenomenon, intequity, was then explained. The concept has not changed much. Much Intequinism, comprehending better how the phenomenon appears, happened since then. The file used the word iedele, which is a new Afrikaans word, which formed before the word ipparts (intellectual property parts) formed. Ipparts is the new English word for the Afrikaans word iedele.

Intequinism, a book, is for sale on the iBooks Store and on the Amazon Store in digital format.

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