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Orders to sell AFA and links

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🌍 Africahead Ipparts (AFA) Ethereum Contract Address:

0xfB48E0DEa837f9438309 a7e9F0cFe7EE3353A84e

Remove the space in the address.

Google sheets.

Terms of the legal agreement among equity:intequity owners, AFA holders and hodlers, and Africahead.

When 25'000 AFA will have been issued or 500'000 USD value will have been raised, whichever happens first, the issued AFA will represent 48% of the Africahead brand value. The 48% will never be traded in another form than AFA.

Using cryptocurrency wallets, which integrate with the Exchange Counters, must be used if payment happens with Ethereum. A wallet is a port to the Ethereum Network, where orders are placed and stored. The recommended wallet is the Metamask Wallet for computers.

According to the Quantity Theory of money, the USD value per AFA will be 48% of the USD value of the brand, divided by the issued tokens when "the event" occurs. AFA not issued are in trust accounts for the future.

Trezor hardware wallet supports AFA.


Sign with a
Metamask Wallet
to connect and transact at:

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AFA Exchange Counter
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wallet to wallet

(1) Sign in to Metamask.
(2) Go to the address in Metamask containing the tokens, to exchange for AFA.
(3) Login at https://app.ledgerdex.com by signing with the address.
(4) The allowance bar first has to be moved to the right to give the smart contract the authority to exchange tokens.
(5) Own bids to purchase AFA can also be formed with any Ethereum token. Please notify if it is done.

Counter bids to buy AFA can be placed. If a counter bid is placed, please send an email to confirm.

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0xTracker tracks tokens on
0x Project Exchanges

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